Arkism is a philosophical and creative movement based on a simple allegory: civilization is a giant ship. This ship has a dual side; forward is a spaceship and backward a battleship.

The spaceship aims at the departure from the natural world and turns the crew completely dependent on the ship itself. This dependency in the long run depletes humanity.

The battleship aims at the total domination of the natural world and by so doing exhausts all its resources. In either cases the ship-civilization is a suicidal enterprise.

Arkists are those individuals working at the margins of the ship building arks, lifeboats prepared to escape the ship and recover the human autonomy back in natural world.

Arkism is based on six assumptions:

  1. by building their arks, arkists regain their mental faculties and above all their manual faculties which will be of need to restart an ecological and egalitarian society in the natural world;
  2. arks are not a random hoarding of stuff in order to begin a new and ecological society but they become in themselves prototypes of these future communities;
  3. as long as the ship exists oppression will keep on existing and even the most advanced type of reforms perpetrated by the most radical movements will turn out ineffective;
  4. in the struggle to preserve itself the ship will ultimately collapse along with its crew and arkists should focus entirely on the making of their arks getting ready for the inevitable shipwreck;
  5. solidarity among arkists should be encouraged not only as a way to exchange ideas and train for future mutualism but also as a possibility to gradually wither the ship rather than letting it sink;
  6. all future communities should be developing in a fluid manner enabling individuals to move around but always maintaining an anti-ship agenda not to fall back to it.

Arkists usually:

  1. live in the margins of the ship-civilization so as to take a distance from it and have the space to build their lifeboats and the view to survey the natural horizon where to possibly land;
  2. abstain from any of the narcotics that the ship provides in order to make the captivity within it more tolerable such as the more chemical drugs and all the psychiatric institutions;
  3. keep as rudimentary as possible learning basic and most various skills in the assembling of their arks so as to be able to use the same skills for the future communities;
  4. are non-violent and find creative joy in the making of their ark rather then growing decreasingly frustrated and aggressive;
  5. take no credits for the making of the ark but trying to encourage other people to make their own and stop focusing on their vertical careers as members of the ship;
  6. try to be as much as possible objective and scientific in observing reality and thinking of a new society keeping a journal to record these observations.